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Prep Your Backyard for Fall Entertainment with an Outdoor TV Installation

What Kind of TV is Right for Your Outdoor Spaces?

Prep Your Backyard for Fall Entertainment with an Outdoor TV Installation

As summer begins to wind down, you can probably envision those fall leaves and weather in the near future. And the changing weather means that football season is just around the corner.

But how prepped is your backyard and patio for ultimate entertainment and tailgates this fall? Make sure your Demarest, NJ, outdoor spaces are ready to host the big game with a top-notch outdoor TV installation.

Want to know which type of TV to bring to your yard? We’ve put together a quick guide for you to look through and choose from the best. Keep reading below to learn which TVs work for specific areas in your backyard.

Which Type of Speakers to Install in Your Backyard

Choose from a Variety of Outdoor Speakers

Which Type of Speakers to Install in Your Backyard

Bringing your favorite tunes to your backyard and patio isn’t as simple as dragging your indoor speakers out to the deck. You’ll need a top-notch outdoor speaker system to enjoy music and media in the lovely summer weather.

But how do you know which outdoor speakers are best for your property, or which ones to use in specific outdoor spaces? In this blog, we’ll go through the various types of speakers and equipment you can bring to your backyard and how each can benefit you.

Want to find out more? Just keep reading on below.

Multi Room Audio: Sonos or Savant?

Learn Which Industry-Leading Brand is Right for Your Home

Multi Room Audio: Sonos or Savant?

Want to bring dance music and soothing melodies to every room of your Essex Fells, NJ living space? A multi room audio system can take your media to any corner of your property with just an easy push of a button.

You’ll want to install the perfect sound setup in your home. But how can you decide which industry-leading audio brand is right for you: Sonos or Savant? Both have amazing audio attributes and solutions that are sure to liven up your space. And in this blog, we’ll dive into each one’s unique features and how Connect Consulting can help with installation.

Find out more about these two incredible brands by reading on below!

Get to Know Meridian Audio’s In-Wall DSP520 Loudspeakers

Learn How to Achieve Uncompromised Sound Without Disrupting Interior Design

Get to Know Meridian Audio’s In-Wall DSP520 Loudspeakers

If you are an audio enthusiast, you want to be able to listen to your favorite songs or movies in the best sound quality possible. This means investing in home audio solutions that pack the punch – reproducing sound in the most realistic, lifelike quality possible. But sometimes, you might not have the space in your home to invest in reference-quality loudspeakers.

So, how can you compromise – being able to enjoy high-fidelity stereo or surround sound without yielding interior design or available space in your home? As a home audio installation expert servicing Demarest and northern New Jersey, we have a solution: Meridian Audio’s DSP520 in-wall loudspeakers.

In this blog, we detail what you need to know about Meridian’s DSP520 loudspeakers – and how you can experience them for yourself today.