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Upgrade Your Home Theater with 4K Projection

Check Out Sony’s Latest Offerings for Your Space

Upgrade Your Home Theater with 4K Projection

Watching movies and shows in your home cinema can transport you from your house and into the world of your chosen entertainment. There is nothing like the immersive feel of a theatrical setting. So why not optimize your space for the ultimate viewing experience?

Now is the best time to bring 4K resolution HD projection to your home theater system in your Franklin Lakes, NJ, living space. In this blog, we’ll go into what makes 4K stand apart from a standard high-definition projector, and which new Sony products we highly recommend.

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Savant Home Automation Makes Your Daily Routine Easier Than Ever

Learn How Your System Can Elevate Your Whole Home

Savant Home Automation Makes Your Daily Routine Easier Than Ever

A proper smart home system takes the hassles out of your everyday life and adds convenience and luxury to your property and your own lifestyle. If you want to revolutionize your daily routine at your house in the Franklin Lakes area or anywhere in Northern New Jersey, then a Savant home automation solution might be perfect for you and your family.

Savant offers a system that is easy-to-use and has a variety of features that simplify all of your day-to-day activities. Want to learn more about how these beneficial smart solutions work and how they can change your lifestyle for the better?

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How You Can Easily Add Motorized Blinds to Your Home

Explore this Simple, High-End Option for Motorized Shades

How You Can Easily Add Motorized Blinds to Your Home

Perhaps you’ve thought about bringing motorized blinds to your living space before but don’t want to undertake such a huge installation process at your New Jersey home. The great news is that you don’t have to worry about wiring and an extensive renovation to enjoy motorized blinds at your Alpine-area house.

In fact, Lutron offers top-notch, battery-powered and custom motorized window treatments that make adding shades to your home hassle-free.

Take away any worries you might have about installing motorized blinds in your house, and see how teaming up with Connect Consulting can reduce your stress.

Just keep reading below to learn more about this Lutron shading solution and its many benefits.

Are You Making the Most of Your Home Theater Space This Winter?

Consider These Custom Home Theater Upgrades For Your Space

Are You Making the Most of Your Home Theater Space This Winter?

As these coldest months of the year tend to keep you indoors most of the time, what better way is there for you to spend your winter evenings than with a movie night at home?

It’s the perfect weather to bundle up, stay warm, and invite friends and family over to enjoy a favorite film marathon or start up a new TV show on Netflix or Hulu. But if you have a dedicated space in your home for watching on-screen content – whether in a media room or a home theater – we at Connect Consulting want to know: Is your technology up-to-date?

If you want to take your custom home theater to the next level and enjoy an elevated movie-watching experience this winter at your home in the Demarest area or beyond, now might be the perfect time to upgrade the technology in your movie-watching spaces.

In this blog, we’ve put together some top-quality upgrades for your space that are sure to enhance every viewing this season. Want to find out more? Just keep reading below.