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Articles in Category: Home Theater Systems

3 Things You Need to Know About Home Theater Systems

Interested in Adding a Home Theater? Find Out What You Need to Know

3 Things You Need to Know About Home Theater Systems

If you’re looking to add the ultimate entertainment space to your property, there’s no better solution than a home theater.

After all, there’s nothing like watching a movie from the comfort of your own dedicated cinema – featuring some of the best video and audio technology available to you.

Before you add a home theater system to your house in Mendham, New Jersey or beyond, it’s essential you know the following three facts.

To find out how you can get the most out of your new theater installation, just keep reading below.

6 Upgrades That Will Make You Proud of Your Home Theater

Catch up on the latest home theater system tips and trends

6 Upgrades That Will Make You Proud of Your Home Theater

Take a second to think. What makes you proud of your home theater? What stands out about it?


If you had trouble answering either of those two questions, it’s time to consider an upgrade to your home theater system. 

We are proud to serve the Alpine, NJ, area in upgrading home theater systems that go beyond the basic, boring setup. Below, we talk about some of the latest trends and tips that will make your home theater impress anyone who steps inside.

How to Create Perfect Home Theater Systems

Installing Dedicated Theaters in New Home Construction

How to Create Perfect Home Theater Systems

If you’re a builder in the Summit, NJ area, listen up. Homeowners want their new residences to effortlessly blend technology into their space. This may include a dedicated room for their home theater system. As you begin the construction process, there will be many elements to keep in mind to ensure optimal performance. Consider bringing in the expert advice of a professional integrator--like Connect Consulting. This blog will cover several ways your construction can benefit from an AV professional’s perspective. Read on to learn more about how we can help create the ultimate entertainment space.