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Bring the Super Bowl into Your Home with AV Solutions

4K Resolution and Surround Sound Completely Transform Your Entertainment Setup

Bring the Super Bowl into Your Home with AV Solutions

It’s one of the biggest events at the beginning of every new year. The Super Bowl is an annual viewing in most homes, whether you’re a sports fanatic or simply want to enjoy the commercials and halftime show.

So to make your Super Bowl tailgate or party one to remember this year, you’ll need to upgrade the home theater system in your Essex Fells, NJ space. Incredible 4K displays and surround sound setups can make your media room the best place to be when you’re ready to enjoy the big game with loved ones.

Keep reading below to find out more about these AV solutions and how they can elevate your Super Bowl viewings from here on out.

New Innovative Audio Solutions from Meridian

Check Out This Top-Notch Audio Equipment for Your Home Entertainment

New Innovative Audio Solutions from Meridian

How you listen to your favorite music or movie can be drastically improved by the kind of speakers you listen with. You might not realize that, in your own home, you can have this highest level of audio as well.

With Meridian audio, you can select from various high-end speakers that not only deliver impeccable sound, but also blend in seamlessly with your existing interior décor. In this blog, we’ll dive into different speakers and equipment so you can decide which are right for you and your Saddle River, NJ home.

Want to learn more? Keep reading on below.

Why Do You Need Kaleidescape For Your Home Theater?

Elevate Your Home Theater System with Top-Notch Entertainment

Why Do You Need Kaleidescape For Your Home Theater?

Staying in for a movie night has become increasingly popular with streaming on so many different platforms. There are now endless media and movie options available – but even streaming has its limitations. You might not find your film or show of choice on a platform, or worse – it might be gone the next month when you want to watch it again.

Plus, most streaming content isn’t optimized for your home theater system setup in your Englewood Cliffs, NJ space. You won’t be taking advantage of your high-end audio and video components.

That’s why Kaleidescape is a must for your home entertainment system. You can have every movie and show ready to watch in the highest of quality with just a tap of a button. Want to find out more about how this AV technology can upgrade your theater? Keep reading below.

What Sources Can You Include in a Multi-Room Audio System?

Turn Your Home into a Music Entertainment Center

What Sources Can You Include in a Multi-Room Audio System?

A multi room audio system lets you bring music and tunes to any and every corner of your Saddle River, NJ living space. In order to bring music to your whole home, you first have to install speakers throughout your property to distribute your music – but you must also have sources in place that will play your audio.

So, what kind of sources can you include in your whole home audio system? In this blog, we’ll dive into the various solutions you can integrate into your system to play your favorite artists and albums. Want to learn more? Just keep on reading below.