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Top 4 Ways to Optimize Your Multi Room Audio System

Take Your Music with You to Every Room and for Every Occasion

Top 4 Ways to Optimize Your Multi Room Audio System

If you have a multi-room audio system in place at your Franklin Lakes, NJ, home, you’ll want to make sure you’re utilizing this smart AV solution properly. There’s nothing quite like hitting a single button to have your favorite jams fill up the entire house or just one room at a time – and the greatest part is that you can take advantage of this feature for multiple occasions and events in your home.

From hosting elaborate parties and casual get-togethers to relaxing on your own in your space, in this blog we’ll go through the various ways you can optimize your whole home audio system and put it to use on a daily basis. Find out more by reading on below.

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Outside on the Patio and in the Backyard

The weather might be starting to cool down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize whole home audio in your outdoor spaces.

Stream music from Spotify or Pandora out on your patio as you cook up some burgers for the afternoon tailgate. Then when the game starts, you can listen to the gameplay from your backyard speakers and see it on the crystal-clear image display your outdoor TV installation produces. You’ll never miss a play or a line of commentary as you entertain family and friends during the day or at night.

Want to change up the event? Create a dance party playlist for everyone to bop to while you’re grilling or set a calming mood with more melodic music as you all relax in the hot tub. No matter if you’re showing the big game or streaming tunes, your audio can follow you from outdoors to inside without any interruption. Multi-room audio is that seamless.

Dinner Party and Gatherings with Friends

Are you inviting your best friends over for tea or a casual coffee hangout? Let everyone walk around your home, help you prepare snacks in the kitchen, and eventually sit in your media room to chat. Hidden Sonos speakers throughout your home can have soft tunes and songs follow your guests as they roam and set the right atmosphere for either a spontaneous get-together or an elegant party.

If you’re serving an elegant dinner, you can play melodies or background music as everyone waits for the meal – encouraging conversation and creating ambiance. Once dinner starts, you can adjust the volume with ease, letting you decide how loud the music needs to be, depending on the mood and where the talking levels are.

Movie Night Indoors and Out

Make your place the place to be this fall as you turn your home into the local cinema. Whether you have a dedicated home theater installed or a multi-purpose media room, you can bring friends and family over for a movie night filled with popcorn and cozy seating. Standing loudspeakers, in-surface speakers, or soundbars can deliver high-end audio to every person in the room and stay contained in one area or multiple spaces – the setup is up to you.

Have the same movie play throughout the house for anyone to keep up with if they head to the kitchen, or if the kids wish to hang out in the basement. The same goes for your outdoor entertainment – host a “drive-in” themed movie night under the stars on your outdoor TV or projector. Switch between movies or adjust volume and your screen’s brightness with zero hassle. It’s that easy.

Everyday Use for You and Your Family

Fall asleep to ambient sounds, listen to a podcast or audiobook on your patio, or turn on a playlist of your favorite artist’s songs as you prepare lunch. Your whole home audio system should cater to your every need and preference.

Set your music to play with your alarm in the morning and continue to play down your hallways and into the kitchen, getting you ready for the start of a new day. Unwind before bed with an audiobook down in the living room that you can finish upstairs in the bedroom as you fall asleep.

There are endless ways to relax or get pumped up with multi room audio, and many of these systems are designed for you and your daily lifestyle at home.

Want to learn more about how you can optimize your audio distribution system? Elevate any event or occasion – give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to find out more about this smart solution. We’d love to hear from you!

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