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What Makes Up the Perfect Outdoor Home Theater?

Spend More Time in Your Backyard with Elevated Outdoor Entertainment

What Makes Up the Perfect Outdoor Home Theater?

An outdoor home theater can bring the whole family together in your Wayne, NJ backyard. You can watch movies and TV shows, host a tailgate for your favorite team, and listen to music and other media in the fresh air, all while soaking up the sun. But what exactly does this audio video setup entail?

Find out which AV components make up the ultimate outdoor theater environment and how these solutions can enhance your whole backyard and patio experience. Read on below to learn more!

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Stunning Visual Display

The most important part of a theater setup is arguably the screen itself. The screen is what transforms your outdoor sound system into a full-on cinema. But installing a TV outside is more than just bringing a standard indoor television to your patio. You need an outdoor TV screen that can withstand the worst elements the outdoors can throw at it – and one that won’t cease to showcase your media after a single ray of light reflects off of it.

We recommend Séura outdoor TVs. These screens can handle any storms or flooding, hot and cold temperature changes, and are available in different models depending on where you’ll set up your theater – in partial shade, partial sun, or full sun. With these options, you can really customize your setup and find the right product for your backyard’s needs. Enjoy a vivid 4K display in the middle of the day or under the stars – Séura delivers a crystal-clear image at all times.

High-End Audio

Of course, while the screen makes up a crucial part of your outdoor theater – audio is just as important. You want to feel that “couch-shaking” sound outside, but that requires different optics and equipment than your indoor setup has.

For that desired surround sound, you need strategically placed speakers that keep the audio within your yard and still direct its channels right to every viewer’s ears. No matter if you have guests sitting in front of the screen or elsewhere, they can hear a movie’s dialogue or a game’s commentary with ease.

Coastal Source speakers and subwoofers can handle harsh weather and elements just like your outdoor TV while staying inconspicuous among your foliage and existing décor. You will hear the speakers’ audio performance with clarity while never taking notice of where the sound is coming from.

Plus, these audio setups let you expand past your outdoor theater’s nearby vicinity. You’ll be able to feel immersed in your media while standing on your patio and have its audio reach others who are standing at the far end of your backyard. Completely envelop your yard in high-end audio with speakers that deliver a top-notch listening experience every time.

Want to learn more about what necessary components make up an outdoor home theater setup? Our team at Connect Consulting can help bring your dream backyard entertainment to life. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here! We look forward to assisting you.

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