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Outdoor Home Entertainment Systems: What You Need to Know

Explore the New Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard this Summer

Outdoor Home Entertainment Systems: What You Need to Know

Why limit your long summer nights to just the inside of your home?  With an outdoor home entertainment system, you can bring all the fun and festivities of the season outside to your backyard and patio.

Innovative features benefit any occasion, whether it’s grilling by the pool, watching a movie under the stars, or even just relaxing with a good book in the fresh air.

In this blog, we’ll dive into all the technologies an outdoor AV system can offer you, and how you can incorporate each into your everyday life or for any events you host at your home in the Summit area.

Keep reading below to learn more!

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Movie Night Any Night

Summertime means the kids are home from school and everyone’s schedules are a bit more flexible.  So what better time is there to have a movie night?

There’s no need to stay inside either.  Invite friends over and fire up the grill for dinner and a show.

A 4K Ultra HD TV is the only way to experience your favorite blockbuster movies to get the ultimate cinematic immersion – crisp, clear image that eclipses any HDTV and is viewable from any comfy seat on the patio.

But an outdoor TV has special requirements, and you have many options to choose from.  We recommend one from the leading outdoor TV manufacturers, SunBriteTV and Seura.  These permanent-installation outdoor TVs are weatherproof – designed to endure the harshest of storms and the varying temperatures of New Jersey throughout the seasons.

Just as your TV can take the brutal rain, it can also handle pool days when kids and adults alike begin to splash.  Let everyone enjoy your entire backyard without stressing the TV might get damaged.

You don’t have to worry about massive glares interrupting your movie when the sun is high in the sky, either.  Both SunBriteTV and Seura provide TVs designed for full-sunlight application.

Instead of a dim screen, you’ll still have a bright image to watch your films and TV shows on.  And if you’re watching on a late night, your TV can automatically adjust its brightness levels to accommodate the varying levels of ambient light.

Rain or shine, day or night – an outdoor TV is perfect for summer outdoor living.

Our team at Connect Consulting can help you not only choose the perfect TV for your backyard but also expertly install it for you as part of your outdoor home entertainment system.

The Right Tunes for Any Moment

Whether you want to jam out as you host an evening gathering or listen to calming music out on the patio as you relax under the summer sun, your outdoor home entertainment system can play your favorite songs from quality, weather-resistant speakers.

With Monitor Audio, Sonance or Coastal Source speakers, you can create the proper surround sound setup in your backyard.

Your speakers will be strategically placed all around your desired listening area, blending in with your existing landscape and architecture seamlessly – while still delivering high-end audio.

Easily search through your whole media library for just the right song or stream music from services such as Spotify or Pandora.

Want to finish up an audiobook from the night before?  Switch from party songs to the exact page you were on, and turn on softly-playing instrumental music while you bask in the summer sun.

Every Command in Your Hands

The best part about an outdoor audio video system is how well it fits in with the rest of your home automation setup.  You can manage your outdoor entertainment technology just as easily as you do the rest of your house.

Using your control device of choice like your smartphone or tablet, you can manage every aspect of your outdoor system by pressing a button.

Lower the volume, turn on landscape lights, switch films, or turn the system off entirely, using just one centralized source.

It’s all in your power, and all from the same device that you use for your media room and kitchen.

Want to learn even more about an outdoor home entertainment system and how an installation from our team can help transform your summer activities?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  Our team would love to hear from you.

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