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Motorized Blinds: The Perfect Home Upgrade For The Summer

Explore the Benefits of Adding Motorized Window Treatments This Summer

Motorized Blinds: The Perfect Home Upgrade For The Summer

When you initially think of what you enjoy the most about your home during the summer, what first comes to mind?

Likely, you might consider your outdoor living spaces or your landscaping – or maybe even your air conditioning system.

The chances are that you don’t consider your window treatments as an asset to you during the summer. Our team at Connect Consulting is here to help you change that.

Through a simple professional motorized blinds installation, you can revolutionize the way your shading treatments impact your property.

Why add motorized window treatments to your New Jersey home this summer? We explain below.


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Lower Energy Consumption

One thing every homeowner knows about the summer is that you are spending more on your energy bills to keep your house cool.

Whether you accidentally leave your blinds raised as you depart for work or simply have an uncovered window, your interior could be susceptible to solar heat gain – meaning sunlight enters your home and raises the interior temperature, causing your air conditioning system to use more energy.

With motorized blinds, you don’t have to worry about solar heat gain. Instead, you can save energy.

Here’s how: our team will help you select shading fabrics that not only complement your home’s interior design, but also are designed to help keep your house cool.

For example, you can select honeycomb shades that feature cells that insulate cold air that otherwise might escape through your windows. Or you even can add shades to your skylights that feature reflective backings – ensuring that any incoming direct sunlight is reflected instead of being absorbed into your house.

For the best shading performance, we recommend scheduling your blinds to lower during hours of direct sunlight. Of course, that might be different for every room in your house – but this process will happen automatically.

You won’t need to remember to lower your motorized blinds every day. Instead, your shades will work automatically to save you energy.


Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics

Another benefit of motorized window treatments is how they work to enhance your home’s interior design.

Direct sunlight entering your home can be a nuisance for everyone. Not only can long-term exposure potentially cause damage to your interior, but also short-term sunlight exposure causes glare and uncomfortable levels of brightness.

Adding motorized blinds is an easy way to counteract these issues. As we mentioned above, you can schedule your shades to lower during hours of direct sunlight ahead of time.

But even if you want to adjust your shades in real-time, you don’t have to worry about manually raising or lowering them or dealing with dangling cords or slats becoming stuck at strange angles.

Instead, you can use a remote or even your smartphone or tablet to quickly and quietly adjust the shades. 

One of the best aspects of motorized shades is that you also don’t have to sacrifice a view of the outdoors entirely. If your Mendham home features a gorgeous view, you can select a shading fabric with a higher opacity level that allows you to maintain the view while still reflecting direct sunlight.

At Connect Consulting, we are your local resource when it comes to the best motorized blinds installations throughout New Jersey.

To find out more about our services and to schedule a no-obligation consultation, you can reach out to us today by clicking the button below!

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