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Why Choose Meridian Audio for Your Home Theater System?

Don’t Neglect The Importance Of Sound Quality in Your Home Theater Setup

Why Choose Meridian Audio for Your Home Theater System?

If you’re watching a movie in your home theater setup, you want to make sure that you are watching in the best video quality possible. It’s why you might invest in a 4K television or projector, as well as a 4K Blu-ray player. But what about the sound setup in your home theater system?

If you want to enjoy the best viewing experience possible, you need an audio system that matches the high-performance displays that comprise your theater setup, as well. Here at Connect Consulting, we recommend Meridian audio for the home theater at your house in the Mendham, New Jersey area.

Want to know what sets Meridian apart from the rest? In this blog, we’ll dive into the brand’s specific products and how they can elevate your home theater.

Find out more by continuing to read on below.


Why Meridian Audio?

As a leader in the high-end audio industry, Meridian Audio has been paving the way for top-quality sound solutions since 1977. With speakers that deliver a crystal-clear performance while still maintaining an elegant appearance, the brand stands out for its ability to blend style and excellence.

And it’s not just loudspeakers that Meridian excels in manufacturing. Meridian also specializes in high-quality audio equipment such as music streamers, DACs and more – including surround sound processors, which we will discuss more in the sections below.

Highlighting Meridian Audio’s Home Theater Speakers

Imagine total immersion into your movie or TV show’s world. With Meridian’s DSP architectural speakers, you can experience this unparalleled audio, while not even seeing where the sound is coming from.

These speakers are installed flush with your walls or ceilings and can be an active part of your home theater’s surround sound system. Their compact design makes them easy-to-install, and the best part is that it won’t affect your existing décor or interior design. They blend in seamlessly.

You also can choose from Meridian’s variety of floorstanding and bookshelf speakers, if you would prefer your surround sound speakers to be seen as well as heard.

It’s worth mentioning though that these DSP speakers, as well as every Meridian speaker system, won’t work with just any standard surround sound processor. Meridian speakers require an extra tool, a home theater controller, that properly integrates your speaker system with a surround sound processor.


The Meridian 271 Digital Home Theater Controller

Using the surround sound processor of your choice, you can effortlessly integrate your Meridian speakers through the Meridian 271 home theater controller. This product bridges the gap between your surround sound processor and the Meridian speakers in your surround sound setup.

Now you can bring 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X to your theater or media room, with support of up to 20 channels or even more. Experience natural, incomparable audio that you wouldn’t even be able to hear in your commercial theater down the street.

The 271 is a rack-mountable product, that when stacked, can deliver 40 or even 60 audio output channels. It’s compatible with any digital or analog surround sound processor and brings Meridian’s innovative technologies, like its Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) and Boundary Control, to life during your favorite movies or TV shows.

Want to learn more about why we recommend Meridian audio for home theaters here in the Mendham, New Jersey area?

Feel free to give us a call or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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