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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home with Steinway & Sons Spirio Self-Playing Piano

Live Piano from Your Favorite Performers Right in Your Home

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home with Steinway & Sons Spirio Self-Playing Piano

A piano can always add a desirable touch of elegance and class to any Summit, New Jersey home.  There’s nothing like hearing lovely melodies and crisp-sounding music played as you and your guests chat throughout the evening. It’s what makes high-end audio such an essential part of a luxury home. Now imagine all the passion and nuance from a live piano performance, but with no one at the keys.  It’s possible thanks to one of our favorite new smart technologies: Steinway & Sons’ Spirio Self-Playing Piano.

No ordinary piano, the Steinway & Sons Spirio Player Piano is a high-resolution self-playing instrument that allows you to feel like even the most distinguished performers are playing a solo concert right in your home.

For Every Occasion

The Steinway Spirio Player Piano brings the delicateness and unique playing of an actual live performance to any living space you prefer.  Let graceful piano pieces play throughout a dinner party as you and friends eat and converse.  Select a snappy tune to practice dancing to with a partner.  Read a charming book on a rainy day with a soft melody chiming through in the background.  With a complementary music library provided, you have endless choices for your time in with the Spirio Player Piano.


Stream Video

Controlling your Spirio Piano is simple.  Using your iPad or smartphone and the preloaded app for the piano, you can select any artist or performance you’d like to listen to with ease.  Raise or lower the volume from your smart device and change pieces with a press of a button.

For an even more immersive experience, we can set up a video distribution system that will show videos of the actual performers playing their famous pieces right on your television screen in perfect unison with your Spirio piano.  The synced playing will sound like they are actually in the room with you, so you get both a wonderful auditory and visual music experience.

Made with Care

A piano this elegant and surreal is also carefully tailored and with pure finesse.  Handmade in a 120-year-old New York factory, you’re guaranteed a custom piano with a beautiful sleekness that can add sophistication and refinement to any home and get-together.

In our opinion, this piano represents an excellent example of combining luxury lifestyle with smart technology. If you’re considering adding the Spirio to your property or perhaps want to learn about other high-end audio options, contact us to learn more.  

You can reach us at 1-800-655-2520 or online through our contact form.

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