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The Top Upgrades for Your Home Automation System This Spring

Elevate Your Property with These Smart Technology Solutions

The Top Upgrades for Your Home Automation System This Spring

As the days grow warmer in the spring, now is the best time more than ever to bring new home automation upgrades and features to your New Jersey property – whether in the Saddle River or beyond. Both your indoor and outdoor living spaces can benefit from smart technology solutions that elevate your daily life and make entertaining a breeze.

From high-end A/V technologies to the conveniences and comforts that smart technologies can provide, we dive into the best upgrades for your home this spring.

Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.


Multi-Room Audio Solutions

Don’t you sometimes wish you could hear your favorite music throughout your entire property; Not just wherever you bring your smartphone with you? With a multi-room audio system, you can simply press a button and have the latest popular album play in your bedroom, the kitchen, or the basement.

Enjoy music, audiobooks, or ambient sounds while you relax, or host a party and let your friends and family experience audio in every part of your house as well.

So, how can you add a multi-room audio system to your home? Options include an entirely wireless speaker system, such as ones from Sonos that you can place in strategic locations throughout your house, or you can install speakers flush-mounted into the ceilings and walls of your house for an invisible multi-room solution.

You even can take your multi-room audio system outdoors as well. Dedicated outdoor speakers, whether wall-mounted to your patio’s exterior or through a speaker system throughout your landscaping, can connect to your indoor system so that you and your guests never have to miss a lyric.

Controlling the entire system, whether inside or not, is easy and makes it all the more fun. It can connect to your home automation system for integrated scenes with your lighting control system, for example. Best of all, you can select which speakers to play specific songs from, or have them all play the same media at once.

Vivid and Bright 4K Dipsplays

Along with multi-room audio, you can upgrade the displays in your house to 4K Ultra HD ones that also can connect to your home automation system. Until you’ve experienced 4K resolution, you won’t have fully appreciated your favorite films and TV shows.

Watch a film in your home theater or media room with a 4K projector, or upgrade the TVs throughout your home so you can start and pick up watching media whenever you’d like. As with your multi-room music system, with a distributed video system you also can have the same video streams play across several TVs simultaneously.

Bring 4K to your backyard as well and have a movie night under the stars in the lovely spring weather. Both Séura and SunBriteTV offer cutting-edge dedicated 4K outdoor televisions that are designed for everything from full and partial-sunlight environments to even nighttime viewing. Best of all, each of these brand’s TVs feature weatherproof, insectproof and dustproof technologies to ensure optimal performance all year long. As spring gets underway and turns to summer, you can lounge by the pool and watch your favorite shows and movies at the same time. It’s the best way to enjoy outdoor living.

Keep it Comfortable Indoors

As much as you’ll want to spend time outside in the warmer weather, you’ll want to make your inside amenities just as enjoyable during this season. That’s why we recommend smart home automation features such as smart climate control and motorized window treatments.

Climate control lets you keep every room at the right temperature. With temperature sensors strategically placed throughout your house, for example, you can ensure that the most important living spaces in your house are at your preferred temperature. By pairing a smart climate control solution with automated shades, you can properly insulate your entire house.

Motorized shades can lower during hours of direct sunlight entering your house. This is perfect for spring and as the days get hotter in the summer to reflect sunlight and solar heat attempting to warm up your house. Honeycomb shades even have built-in air pockets to trap your cooler air inside so that it doesn’t escape from your windows.

By combining motorized shades with your smart climate control system and your overall home automation system, you can reduce your energy output. As your motorized shades retain cooler air in the summer and reflect sunlight attempting to enter your house, you will reduce your reliance on your HVAC system and therefore save energy.

Want to learn more about the best home automation upgrades to bring to your home in the Saddle River area this spring?

Feel free to give us a call or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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