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Multi Room Audio: Sonos or Savant?

Learn Which Industry-Leading Brand is Right for Your Home

Multi Room Audio: Sonos or Savant?

Want to bring dance music and soothing melodies to every room of your Essex Fells, NJ living space? A multi room audio system can take your media to any corner of your property with just an easy push of a button.

You’ll want to install the perfect sound setup in your home. But how can you decide which industry-leading audio brand is right for you: Sonos or Savant? Both have amazing audio attributes and solutions that are sure to liven up your space. And in this blog, we’ll dive into each one’s unique features and how Connect Consulting can help with installation.

Find out more about these two incredible brands by reading on below!

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Bringing high-end audio to any and every room of your home means having installed audio equipment that works properly at all times. Two of the best brands can deliver your whole home audio the way you want it to be heard. Take a look at their differences, and see which one is right for you.

Sonos: The Completely Wireless Solution

Want to easily immerse yourself in high-quality sound and music in any part of your home? Sonos makes it a breeze to set your property up for multi room audio.

This solution is entirely wireless, so you know it will be a more cost-effective, quicker installation. If you’re on a budget, or if you want to be listening to your favorite tunes sooner rather than later, Sonos is the way to go.

You won’t have to worry about impeding on a room’s existing interior design, either. Sonos’ bookshelf speakers fit inconspicuously in shelves, on top of furniture, on cabinets, or just about anywhere without intruding on the décor. You’ll hear unparalleled audio without sacrificing your style. These speakers can easily connect through Wi-Fi and are controllable by your smart device of choice.

Already have other high-end speakers in place? You can connect these to the rest of your audio system with Sonos’ wireless amp. This amp can bring everything together, from your wired loudspeakers and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers to any other audio equipment in your home. This quick connection makes the installations with our team on your side simpler than ever.

Savant: Whole Home Automation and AV

If you’re interested in taking your whole home audio to the highest level of quality, Savant is the choice for you. Savant’s enterprise-grade audio products help you connect every speaker in your home to deliver a high-end sound performance through each one. In-wall speakers in the hallways and in-ceiling ones in every room can connect through your IP network.

From your invisible speakers and loudspeakers to sleek soundbars and subwoofers, your entire audio setup can connect through your Savant sound system. The best part about Savant? It doesn’t just stop at connecting all your audio devices. You can bring your whole smart home automation system together, integrating your speakers with the rest of your smart home.

Create “scenes” through your Savant system. Press a button to lower your shades, dim your lights, and play a relaxing song in your family room for a calm night in. Or have your bedroom lights brighten and your favorite song play when your alarm goes off in the morning. It’s all up to you.

Why a Professional Installation is Ideal

Whichever audio brand you go with, whether Sonos or Savant, having a team of experts on your side for the installation can be vital for the setup’s success. A professional installation ensures that your audio system works at all times, and produces flawless sound for every delivery.

To learn more about multi room audio and these top-quality brands, feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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