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Incorporate Audio Distribution into your Building Plans

How Connect Consulting Helps Construction Firms Succeed

Incorporate Audio Distribution into your Building Plans

Homeowners these days want the newest and most advanced technology in their living spaces, so it’s the perfect time for builders and architects to explore fulfilling these client requests through the latest innovations and solutions.  One of the most popular technology trends is integrated audio, and the best time to install these systems is during the construction process.  With our help, home audio distribution will be a feature Mendham, NJ architects can easily incorporate into their plans.  Read on to see how Connect Consulting can help you give your homeowners the house of their dreams.


Audio for Everyone, Everywhere

Audio distribution has grown quite popular – and for good reason!  Homeowners love the idea of walking throughout their house and having their music follow them.  They can set their system to have certain tunes play in specific rooms, or for an album to play automatically at scheduled times during the day. With a press of a button, a whole media library is at their command.

Factors to Consider

The demand for whole home audio is there – the only question is how you can best meet that demand for your clients. There are multiple things to consider when choosing to start offering audio distribution:

    • Which speaker brands will you offer?
    • Should the design be wired, wireless, or a combination of both?
    • How much flexibility will you offer in terms of changes according to client preferences?
    • And more

We can help you and your client figure out what best fits their needs.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re in the initial stages of rolling out audio distribution in all of your construction plans or simply looking for an audio video specialists for one specific construction site, we’re here to make sure all your plans and constructions go smoothly.  We will directly work with the homeowners, ensuring that their original designs are taken care of, while making it work with the new systems.  We can easily adapt to new plans or new ideas surrounding clients’ audio preferences.  Our team adjusts to any hurdles along the way.

Sometimes during these types of projects, miscommunication is the downfall.  We make sure everyone is constantly on the same page and in the know, so none of those mishaps can occur.  Our installers will be with you from beginning, to middle, to end – guaranteeing a flawless execution of a home audio system.

You can leave any worrying over smart technology to us, and stay focused on your building and construction.  Learn more about home audio distribution and our partnerships with New Jersey builders, architects, and other trades by contacting us at 1-800-655-2520 or online through our contact page.

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