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Can Motorized Shades Improve Your Wellbeing?

Exploring the Unexpected Health Benefits of Motorized Shading

Can Motorized Shades Improve Your Wellbeing?

Can motorized shades make you healthier? You might not make the connection, but let’s start with some well-accepted facts:

  • Exposure to sunlight increases Vitamin D, which is a vital nutrient aiding the absorption of calcium and maintaining healthy bones
  • Natural light helps ward off the effects of seasonal depression. Some people are affected by the lack of sunlight in the gray Northeast winters.
  • You might not know that natural light also aids with sleep, and sleep is critical to health in many ways.

So, what’s the connection with motorized shades? It’s all about efficiently and conveniently managing light in your Ridgewood, NJ home.  Read on for more.

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Harnessing Natural Light

Most people’s moods are positively affected by a beautiful, sunny day. With the convenience of motorized shades, making the most of natural light is easy. Just as it’s easy to flip a light switch, you can flood a room with natural light with one touch. One button can raise one shade, a few shades, or the entire house, depending on your preferences. The convenience makes it easy to harness natural light effectively. And with smart home automation, you can make it even easier with seasonal schedules.

The health benefits may be subtle, but they add up. Imagine waking up in the morning to a blazingly sunny New Jersey winter day, the light reflecting off the snow outside. Your shades only open at your command or at the time you set. On a weekend morning, catch a few more needed winks in your bedroom by overriding your schedule with a voice command “lower the blackout shades.” Better sleep and bringing the outside in will improve your mood and outlook.

Controlling Light Intelligently

We have previously discussed the benefits of linking motorized shades to smart automation. On a cold but sunny day, a light sensor can trigger a scene to open your shades for bringing in natural light. At the same time, that programmed scene can fill your rooms with just the right amount of artificial light for the activity at hand. Your home can become more energy-efficient in the process. You could go further and program your shades to follow the movement of the sun around your house. In the winter, this could maximize the natural light. In the summer, it can minimize glare and heat buildup in the house as the sun moves. This type of automation is used very effectively with motorized shading in commercial environments.


Lowering Stress

Motorized shades can help keep your home more secure. When you leave your house, do you always draw all your shades and window treatments? While it prevents seeing in, it might also be a sign of a home that is unoccupied. Motorized shades make it easy to make them part of your security system. When paired with a home automation system, your shades can raise and lower in a natural pattern that makes your home look lived in. Pair them with smart lighting control, and you have another weapon to add to your security arsenal to keep mischief at bay. It adds up to less worrying while you're away and less stress. And we know that lower stress also helps our wellbeing.


Discover all the benefits of motorized shades for your Ridgewood, NJ home. Call Connect Consulting at 1-800-655-2520 or fill out our online form here.

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