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How Tunable White Lighting Improves Mood and Health

Improving Wellbeing, Part 2: The Role of Light

How Tunable White Lighting Improves Mood and Health

Last month, we discussed how motorized shades could improve your health. What might initially sound like a far-fetched connection actually makes sense. Motorized shades make it easier to harness and control the natural light coming into your home, limiting the negative aspects and maximizing the good. In fact, in commercial environments, motorized shades have proven to be beneficial in letting views and natural light in to foster a more productive working environment.

This month, we’d like to turn to a recent technology that also helps bring a part of the natural world outside indoors – tunable white lighting. Read on to see what role this smart technology can play in your Livingston, NJ, home to lift your mood and maintain a healthy environment.

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What is Tunable White Lighting?

Tunable white lighting is made possible by advances in LED lighting technology. The latest LED bulbs and fixtures can display the full RGB (Red/Green/Blue) color spectrum as well as the spectrum of white. White light fixtures have always been available in different warm or cool tones, but they weren't adjustable. Tunable means the light color and intensity can be changed on the fly. When they are controlled by a smart home automation system like Savant, a home’s lighting can be adjusted to closely mimic the intensity and hue of natural sunlight.

What are the Advantages of Tunable White Light?

As is well known, exposure to sunlight has desirable effects. It increases levels of vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption, and lifts your mood. Tunable white light can bring the positive effects of sunlight indoors. Science also tells us that natural light helps regulate our internal clocks and daily behavior. During the day, the brighter, bluer light of a high sun makes us alert and awake. Later, the waning, dimming sun with its warm red and yellow hues start to relax us, preparing us for a night of rest when dark. Tunable lighting can imitate those patterns automatically and gradually, so all you notice is improved mood and ability to get to sleep easier.

Why Is it Important?

While we all might like to spend more time outdoors, the reality is we live 90% of our lives inside. Humans have an innate desire to commune with nature, but being indoors limits that. Tunable white light brings an essential part of nature indoors with the ability to gradually and subtly change indoor light in a way that is healthy for our bodies. 

Aside from the health benefits, tunable light has aesthetic paybacks too. With the color-changing capability, you can create indoor ambiances that inspire, relax, and bring out the beauty of your home’s design and décor.


Want to know more about how tunable white light can elevate your home? Call Connect Consulting at 1-800-655-2520 or reach us on our online form here. We look forward to showing you what this technology can do!

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