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Home Automation Makes Hosting for the Holidays a Breeze

Get Your Living Space Ready for the Season with these Smart Solutions

Home Automation Makes Hosting for the Holidays a Breeze

As the holidays begin to roll in, you’ll more than likely have friends and family over for gatherings and festivities. This is meant to be a joyful time of year, but all this planning can easily stress you out. That’s why letting smart home technology do the job for you is ideal.

You can minimize hassles and obstacles for your holiday plan in your Englewood Cliffs, NJ living space with home automation. You can entertain and welcome guests into an environment that caters to and anticipates their every need.

Want to learn more about the benefits of home automation for the holidays? Keep reading on below.

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Greet Guests in Style

When your family and friends first arrive at your home, you can amaze them immediately with beautiful landscape lighting on your property. You’ll not only boost your curb appeal, giving them a beacon to find when looking for your home, but also create a safer entrance for them with a well-lit pathway up to your front door.

Colorful LED lightbulbs let you coordinate your outdoor lighting display to whichever holiday you’re celebrating at the time. Seamlessly change your lighting scene and colors to match the new holiday or to go back to normal once the season is over. You can make your house stand out from the others with a stunning showcase of lights.

Have festive music play over your outdoor speakers and indoor ones, so guests have the tunes follow them from the front door to your foyer and into your family room. It’ll give your holiday atmosphere a boost and get everyone in the spirit instantly.

And if you’re busy preparing the meal or running around for last-minute adjustments, you can check who is at your door through installed surveillance cameras, right from your smartphone or tablet. Once you confirm it’s your guests, simply press a button to unlock your door’s smart locks. Then when they’ve entered, you can lock the door behind them and greet them in the foyer or kitchen. It’s enhanced security without taking any warmth or welcome out of their arrival.

Take the Home Entertainment Up a Notch

Besides your holiday music playing upon guests’ arrival, you can have the tunes fill up your entire house with whole home audio. Put on a holiday party playlist or a popular album, or even stream new songs from services such as Spotify or Pandora throughout your entire living space. With access to virtually any song, you can take suggestions or requests from guests and play anything with a quick button-press.

Let everyone enjoy your custom home theater or a multi-purpose media room with hidden screens and speakers. Watch a holiday classic with loved ones as they’re blown away by crystal-clear 4K resolution and high-end audio that completely immerses them in the action on screen.

Prepare a Stress-Free Evening

Once dinner is ready, you can make an announcement through your home’s voice intercom. This way, your shouting won’t abruptly disrupt conversations and everyone gets into the dining room with no hassle.

Dim the lights and lower all the motorized shades in the room, creating an ambiance that both encourages conversation among guests and sets the perfect mood for enjoying a meal together. Then, once dinner is through and guests gradually start to leave, you can press just one button to shut off every light in your home, lock all the doors, and shut down your entire entertainment system. It’s that easy to end the night and ensure every part of your system is off. 

Want to find out more about preparing your home for the holidays with home automation? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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