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Create a Media Room with a Top-Notch Home Theater System

Enjoy a Movie Night with Family at a Push of a Button

Create a Media Room with a Top-Notch Home Theater System

High-end audio and video truly take a movie or TV series to the next level. You shouldn’t have to go to your local cinema to experience this level of quality every time you want to enjoy a hit blockbuster or fan-favorite film as they are meant to be enjoyed. But if you don’t have a dedicated home theater setup at home, you might wonder you can achieve this immersive theatrical environment in your own house.

The solution is to bring a home theater system to your Saddle River, NJ media room, so you can create a multi-purpose space that caters to your entertainment and everyday needs. Hang out with family and friends or start an impromptu movie night – with this incredible AV setup, you get to decide with a press of a button.

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Hidden Audio Video Technology to Merge with Interior Design

You might think that smart technology, especially home theater technology, will not blend in well with your existing interior design. But with hidden audio video solutions installed in your media room, you can bring your personal style and your theater system’s functionality together seamlessly.

In-surface speakers can stay hidden behind your walls and ceilings, delivering high-end, crystal-clear audio while going entirely unnoticed. You’ll be enveloped in sound the moment you start a film, without bulky loudspeakers taking up space in your media room.

Press a button for your projector or flat-screen TV to lower either from the ceiling or rise up from your furniture. Panels that can slide over your screens can conceal them with beautiful artwork or pictures, adding new décor to your space. Mirror TVs can have the same effect, making your room appear larger and giving it a grander feel.

When you’re ready to watch something, your screen can appear instantly. Then when it’s not in use, simply press the same button for it to disappear completely. Both your hidden screen and speakers let you enjoy a top-quality image and a surround sound setup without inhibiting on your design in the slightest.

Adding in home automation solutions to your media room helps it transition from a casual hangout area to a theatrical atmosphere by creating a “movie night” scene. Push one button to lower your motorized shades and dim your lights while also setting your smart thermostat and turning on your AV system. These same smart features are also beneficial for your media room’s everyday use. Next, your screen will lower and your speakers’ volume will adjust. Now your media room is all set for a movie marathon or a TV show binge, all by just pressing a button.

Space for a Variety of Events and Occasions

You don’t have to limit your entertainment space to one singular function. With a multi-purpose media room, you can switch over from a movie night to a catch-up with friends over coffee to a relaxing evening listening to a new album.

Invite friends over to chill in your media room, then use your smart device to reveal your screens and turn on your speakers – and in just a mere moment, you’ll be ready to start watching a TV show premiere or an action-packed superhero movie.

Stream a film on Netflix, play video games, or even pick and choose what you keep concealed. Don’t show your screens and instead turn up a party playlist or begin an audiobook as you dance along or sit back and relax in your media room. Even take a nap with lovely background music or ambient noises playing. Your home theater system lets you go above and beyond in a multi-purpose media room environment.

Want to find out more about a home theater system for your space and what its many benefits are? Fill out our online contact form or give our team a call – we’d love to hear from you!

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