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Lighting has a profound impact on our daily lives, more than you might initially realize. Among a variety of benefits: it can brighten up every room in your home, give your overall health a major boost, and secure your whole property. Experience added convenience to your everyday routine, plus – you’ll seamlessly enhance your home décor and aesthetics with sleek lighting fixtures and wireless keypad designs. Whether you want upgraded home lighting for your new-home build or renovation for your existing Short Hills, NJ home, the power of a lighting control system relies on a professional home lighting consultant. As your premier New Jersey residential lighting designer, our team at Connect Consulting can bring optimal lighting design to your entire property. Light up your lifestyle today!


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With the simple tap of a button, you can illuminate any area of your home. No longer will you need to walk to every individual lighting fixture and switch. Now, a singular smart device of your choice can operate your whole lighting system! Using a touchscreen tablet, wall keypad, or your own smartphone, you can conveniently adjust your home lighting with ease – and from no matter where you are. Pull up the app on your smartphone on the way to work to make sure you turned off your bedroom lights or turn on your landscape lighting before you get home to ensure your house is illuminated when you drive up. You can make controlling your lighting system even easier with “scenes.” Scenes are pre-set automated schedules that accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Yours can integrate effortlessly with the rest of your smart home technologies as well! Create a “Good Morning” scene that slowly brightens your lights as you wake up, rolls up your motorized shades, and plays your favorite tune as an alarm. A “Movie Night” scene can dim your home theater lights, brighten up the pathway lighting, and turn on your AV system. The same can go for your outdoor lighting – have lights that gradually turn on with the sunset, and then starts to shut off as soon as the sun begins to rise. With automated scenes, your whole home lighting is in your hands.


Leaving lights left on while you’re not using them can easily become an accidental habit. Don’t let your fixtures and whole system drain your home’s power. With installed occupancy sensors throughout your property, you can ensure that your lighting doesn’t stay on when no one is in the room. Set the sensors’ timers to stay on 10, 30, or any custom number of minutes long after the last person has walked out of the designated area. You’ll notice reduced energy usage and lower monthly bills – especially when you integrate your lighting control with your HVAC system. Your smart thermostat can set your home’s internal temperature to your desired degree while paired with your lighting control and motorized shades. Your shades’ will provide natural insulation by lowering to maintain heat or cool air, and your lighting fixtures can then adjust to illuminate the room as needed. Your energy-efficient system will help you go green, enhance your home energy management, and deliver big savings at the end of the month. That’s the true power of lighting control!


Your family’s safety is a number one priority for you. You, of course, can improve your property’s security with a variety of high-end, smart systems and solutions such as alarms, smart locks, and surveillance cameras. But did you know that your lighting control can also elevate your home security? A well-lit home exterior will not only give you superb curb appeal but will also deter any intruders from walking onto your property’s perimeter. Even if someone tries to sneak onto your yard, your installed motion sensors can alert your lights to flood the area – scaring them away, but also helping your surveillance cameras capture a better image. Additionally, those same “scenes” that we mentioned above can also brighten your kitchen or dim the fixtures in your dining room can also adjust your lighting while you’re away. Simply set an “Away” scene on your system and your lighting fixtures and motorized shades will operate as usual, as though you were actually home. Potential burglars will see that your home is seemingly occupied, and steer clear. With lighting control, you can gain peace of mine and rest assured that your property is taken care whether you’re home or away.