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Here at Connect Consulting, our team takes pride in offering custom solutions aimed to elevate any residental space. A perfect example of this is our custom window treatments offerings throughout northern New Jersey. Whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer, we at Connect Consulting not only can help you design the perfect luxury shading solution for your home, but we also can install your window treatments with soundless, elegant motorization.

We at Connect Consulting also are a leading provider of Lutron shades, offering their extensive lines of roller, pleated, wood and other window treatments, as well as their high-end motorization systems and wireless control mechanisms. Interested in learning more for your project in the Short Hills or Alpine areas, or elsewhere in northern New Jersey? Keep reading below!


Simplify adding convenience and comfort to your daily lifestyle. Work with our team of experts to install automated shading throughout your whole property. Learn more about our services by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Installing motorized shades doesn’t mean compromising on personal home décor and design. The right shading not only preserves your desired style – but also elevates it. Your living space deserves a shading solution that is high-quality and durable, as well as visually pleasing. Lutron shades offer more than just standard window treatments and materials. You can choose from a variety of elegant fabrics, sophisticated patterns, and countless shading models to match any and every room’s design. Bring a modern touch to a space with Roman or roller shades. Go with a more traditional feel with honeycomb treatments that even add insulation to the windows around your Alpine, NJ home. Blackout shades provide the perfect coverage for a movie viewing during the day’s sunny weather, while sheer shades can add a more soft, colorful accent to a room. Dual shading allows you to have both, or to pair two types of any style you prefer. This absolute customization makes integrating motorized shades into your existing or ever-evolving décor hassle-free.


A professional shading installation might sound daunting at first, especially for an entire home or property. But our team at Connect Consulting makes every project a breeze for everyone involved. There won’t be any confusion or mix-ups with how the components fall into place; we’ll take care of all the pre-planning, measurements, and installations required for your project. Our process prioritizes centralized control with every setup, meaning your shades will not only blend in seamlessly with your home design but also integrate effortlessly with your overall smart home system. You never have to concern yourselves with the technical side of things; our team has every integration aspect covered. The end result is a shading solution you can rely on at all times with just a press of a button. Let Connect Consulting handle the full installation process with our reliable services and trusted expertise in the industry.


When you get right down to their functionality and efficiency, automated shades are truly incomparable to their manual counterparts – they surpass your expectations entirely. It is our goal at Connect Consulting to deliver a shading solution that is both luxurious and purposeful. We specialize in motorized shading services that far exceed what you would find at your local depot store. This is deluxe, upscale shading that can transform your whole living space and property. Our team works with only the most trusted brands in the industry, from Lutron to J Geiger and Savant – making integrations seamless and painless. Whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer on a project, you can wholly depend on Connect Consulting for a personalized and professional shading installation and design.