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Smart home systems are intended to create ease throughout your daily routine. Not only should their smart features add convenience and comfort to your lifestyle, but also will make managing every part of your home a breeze. Savant home automation brings this level of complete innovative simplicity to your New Jersey home. Learn more about what a professionally-installed Savant smart home from Connect Consulting, a custom integrator based in Bergen County, can do for your family and whole property below.


Simplify your everyday life and elevate your entire property with Savant smart home automation. Want to provide your home with this high level of centralized control? Fill out our contact form below so our team can assist you today. We look forward to hearing from you.
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No one has the time for a smart home that is always a hassle to use. A Savant system makes every action and request stress-free, so you can focus more on enjoying its many benefits instead of figuring out how to operate an overly complicated setup. Savant’s app provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you control every smart technology – and every room – from one centralized source. With Savant, you have a variety of control options: utilize a sleek and stylish wall keypad or panel or pick up a tablet or touchpad on the go as you make way through your everyday routine. Simply press a button and watch as your entire Bergen County, NJ Savant smart home transforms to cater to your exact needs and preferences.


The very concept of smart technology means progress. Savant never stands still; its systems are everchanging. But don’t ever worry about falling behind – your own system will effortlessly stay up-to-date with the most current software in place. With simple programming and installation, Savant makes it easy to update without disrupting your smart home’s setup or dealing with timely and costly upgrades. Along with advanced updates, Savant is continually releasing new smart solutions and products for the whole home. Integrate these technologies seamlessly into your existing system, keeping every device in sync and easily accessible from your single source.


Ready to make the Savant switch? There’s no need to wonder how bringing in a new automation system will affect your home setup – or even how replacing an existing system will pan out. Our trusted team of experts at Connect Consulting can take care of every personalized case your home might be. We make planning out an installation or switching out an old system straightforward for everyone involved. And if you already have a Savant system – as we’ve mentioned above – we can upgrade it to the most recent update or integrate new products with zero hassle. That’s what working with the premier integrator in New Jersey brings to the table.