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Total immersion – that’s what a dedicated home theater offers every time you sit down and press play. But an elevated cinematic experience doesn’t mean imitating your local theater’s setup exactly; it means taking it to a whole new level.

Here at Connect Consulting, our team designs only the highest-quality AV solutions and offers the most trusted brands in the industry for your northern New Jersey home entertainment setup. We’re a professional home theater company that takes pride in providing custom solutions for local homeowners; from Summit to Wayne to Alpine and beyond. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your family room to a media room setup or you’re ready for an entire home theater design and installation, find out below how our team can help.


Get the popcorn ready and turn on a beloved film – a professional theater installation brings the movies right into your own home! Find out more about the process by filling out the form below to set up a no-obligation consultation with our team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Starting on your home theater journey can feel a bit overwhelming at first. With so many components coming together to form the perfect viewing environment, there’s a lot to consider. But in order for you to avoid any costly mistakes or time-consuming decisions, working with a dedicated home theater company is key. Our team of experts at Connect Consulting know what all goes into creating a custom home theater that fits your exact needs and preferences. You won’t have to worry about any of the technical logistics; our professional installers have you covered. We take your designated room’s layout and dimensions into account as an initial step and move forward from there with the specific products and add-ons you’d like for your theater setup. Our vast knowledge on the must-have theater solutions, recommended brands, and crucial acoustical treatments help us bring your desired cinematic space into reality. You’ll only get this level of commitment and skill from an innovative home theater company like ours.


When you work with Connect Consulting for your home theater needs, we offer the latest and most high-performance technologies that we are eager to integrate into your New Jersey home theater installation. From 4K HDR home theater projectors that showcase a crisp, vibrant image in any lighting to flat-screen televisions that can display beautiful artwork while not in use – you can choose a visual setup that works with both your room’s size and overall mood. Want your theater’s seating to shake when a plane zooms overhead in a scene? Dolby Atmos brings this level of immersion. With three-dimensional surround sound, you’re transported into a scene’s action and drama instantly. Of course, choosing the next film or show to watch for family movie night is usually a hassle. But with a Kaleidescape movie server, you can have virtually every film at your fingertips. Convert discs onto a digital server, or download your favorite 4K Ultra HD movies directly from the Kaleidescape store. As a Red Carpet Home Cinema dealer, Connect Consulting can even set up your system so that you can watch movies still in the local cinema right in your home theater – even on the day of a movie’s release!


Our team isn’t only there to install your home theater; it’s also our goal to create a unique cinematic space, customized entirely for you. Whether you want a more traditional home theater design with standing loudspeakers and elegant curtains, or a custom design based off your favorite film franchise, we can make it happen. With each new addition – be it seats shaped like cars for a drive-in theme or movie posters hanging on the walls – we consider the proper home theater acoustic treatments and screen size and placement needed. It’s this dedication to detail that ties every individual element in your home theater together seamlessly. When you team up with Connect Consulting, you can expect impeccable home theater design, stunning audiovisuals, and reliable systems that work not just today, but well down the road. We proudly offer home theater services throughout northern New Jersey, from Demarest to Mendham, with ongoing support and maintenance available. Freely personalize your custom home theater to your liking, while knowing our team has its complete care and maintenance in our hands from start to finish and beyond.